How to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin

How to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin

In this tutorial I will show you, how to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin.

  • In order to install an SSL certificate in Direct Admin, you need to click on the SSL Certificates link.
  • This can be only done for the accounts that use dedicated IP address.
  • In order to create the SSL certificate, you need to create the certificate request first.
  • Then you need to purchase the certificate from the concerned vendor.
  • Click on the Create your own self signed certificate link. Enter the required details at the given boxes and then press Save.
  • With this the certificate request will be generated for you who you can use further while buying the permission from the vendor.

I will explain the case clearly.

Pre-Installation Steps:

  • Buy an SSL Certificate
  • Generate a CSR
  • The Certificate Authority will verify your details
  • The CA issues an SSL Certificate and sends the SSL Certificate in a .zip file

Installing an SSL Certificate Using DirectAdmin

  1. Log on to the DirectAdmin Control Panel
  1. Go to the SSL Certificate panel, this will be located under “Advanced Features.”


  1. Select the option to paste a pre-generated certificate and private key.
  1. Using Notepad, open your Private Key and Certificate files, then paste them both in the text field.

  1. Click Save.
  1. Return to the SSL Certificates panel and select “Click Here to paste a Root CA Certificate.”

  1. Paste the Root Certificate in the text field.

Note: Make sure you select “Use a CA Cert.”

Check that the SSL is enabled for the website at the top of the SSL Certificates menu.

If SSL support is disabled, click on the link ‘You can enable it here’, check Secure SSL option and press on the “Save” button.

That’s all, your certificate is installed and you can access your web site via https:// protocol.

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How to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin
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