How to Migrate SolusVM VPS from Slave to Master

How to Migrate SolusVM VPS from Slave to Master

In this tutorial I will show you, how to migrate SolusVM VPS from Slave to Master.

You can use the inbuilt function in SolusVM to migrate SolusVM containers between slave nodes but, what if you want to move containers from a slave node to a master node? There is currently no option to do this from the SolusVM admin control panel.

You can however use a console to migrate the containers to a master. It’s worth noting that you can run a SolusVM master on a vps server but if you do you can’t then host containers on the master. You cannot run a slave node on a vps.

To start login to the node which has the container you want to migrate to your master on. You need to login as the root user or a user that has root privileges

Issue the below command

chmod a+x

Now find the ip address of your master node and the ssh port, we use a custom port so just swap the ip and port as below



  • ./ 5874

Now you have a secure connection to your master you can then transfer the container to the node. Get the container ID (CTID) and master ip address. You can get the CTID from the “list servers” tab

vzmigrate -v --ssh="-p destination_node_port" destination_node_ip container_id


  • vzmigrate -v --ssh="-p 5876" 384

Once complete your container will then be on the master. Click the transfer is 100% complete but leave the container on the source node in case of any problems.

The final thing to do is assign any new ip addresses to the container, remember if you can’t route your old main ip address to your master you will need to assign the container a new main ip address from the control panel. Don’t forget to tell the master the new location of the container. Login to your master node and update the containers location with this command

/scripts/vm-migrate [VSERVERID] [NEWNODEID]


  • /scripts/vm-migrate 724 1

You can get the node id from the “nodes” tab in the admin area once complete your container should now be located on your master node.

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How to Migrate SolusVM VPS from Slave to Master
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