How to Install SolusVM Master on CentOS 6/5

How to Install SolusVM Master on CentOS 6/5

In this tutorial I will show you, how to install SolusVM Master on CentOS 6/5 server.

Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI-based VPS management system which allows you to monitor your VPS status and change basic settings.

Notes before Installing:

1. You CANNOT Install a SolusVM Master on a Xen/KVM Slave Directly, you can however install your Master on a Xen VPS which is hosted on this slave, it just cant be installed directly onto the slave.

2. This Script should NEVER be used to upgrade SolusVM to the latest version, doing so will destroy your installation of SolusVM.

3. DO NOT use this installer on servers that contain any other control panel (cPanel, Directadmin etc..) Always use a clean install of CentOS/RHEL/Scientific!

4.Partiotion in the Master server would be:

/ 80GB

SWAP 2 times RAM (if RAM ⇐2GB otherwise RAM + 2GB is plenty)

/vz remaining space (templates & virtual servers will be stored here)


If you use Master with no virtualization, then you add disk-space to /.

Begin with the installation:

1. Loign to the server with root, and download installer script.

[root@dev ~]# wget

2. Change the permissions to 755:

[root@dev ~]# chmod 755 install

3. Run the installer script.

[root@dev ~]# ./install

4. You will see the installation menu as below:

Read the information and press Enter key.

5. You will see the OS selection screen:

You will need to select the OS of the Dedicated server, on which you are going to install SolusVM

6. On next screen you will see the SolusVM Version:

Select the SolusVM Version which you want by giving number.(Recommendation = 1)

7. Here on next screen you will need to to choose the mirror for the installation.

Choose the mirror for your server to be installed.

8. On the final screen of the installation you will see the Type of SolusVM which you want to install.

If you need to install a master that ‘won’t’ host any virtual servers, select option 1 (recommended)
If you need to install a master that ‘will’ host virtual servers, select option 2

9. After selecting your option you will get a warning that the installer will remove MySQL and any databases associated with it.

Press Enter to continue your installation.

10. Your installation will begin, wait for completion.

You will get output like the screenshot above.

11. Once the installer is complete you will be presented with the GUI login info and any further instructions for your install type.

Remembering to disable SELinux as required.

Once installed go to http://youripaddress:5353/admincp/ and login using (username) vpsadmin (password) vpsadmin, which information you can see on last screen.

This is end with the SolusVM Master installation !!! I’ll add how to install SolusVM Master on CentOS 7 tomorrow.

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How to Install SolusVM Master on CentOS 6/5
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