How to enable XL on a Xen Node

How to enable XL on a Xen Node

In this tutorial I will show you , how to enable XL on a Xen Node.

Note : If there are existing VMs on the Node, you will need to shutdown all VMs.


  • Xen 4.1+ installed on a Xen Node
  • Virtualizor 2.6.6+

Stop and Disable XM

You will need to stop and disable Xend to start. For this firstly make sure that all VMs have been shutdown :

root> xm list
Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                                     0   768     4     r-----  39241.8

Only Domain-0 should be there in this list.

Now lets stop the Xend service :

root> service xend stop

Then prevent / disable it to start the next time.

root> chkconfig xend off

Enable XL in Virtualizor

You will now need to enable XL in Virtualizor for this Node.
To do so please login to the Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Slave Settings
Set the active server accordingly. Then scroll down and check the setting “Use XL”.

Note :- You will require to add PV and HVM bridge in the below setting page in order to use XL. 
Virtualizor default bridge is viifbr0 for PV and HVM. 

Edit Existing VMs

If there are existing VMs, you will need to edit them in Virtualizor so that the new configuration is set.


That’s it you are all set. Now start the VMs using Virtualizor.

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How to enable XL on a Xen Node
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