Error in Manage Node page ERROR:4

Error in Manage Node page ERROR:4

In this tutorial I will show you, how to fix Error in Manage Node page ERROR:4 in SolusVM.

Issue (Problem or Question) -the situation in your words-what are you trying to do or what is not working.

  •   Error in Dashboard’s Drop : Could not connect to SLAVEIP:6767
  •   Error in Manage Node page: ERROR:4

Environment – What Product (s) (hardware,software,network,including platform, model and revison level)

  1. Does the user have?
  2. Has anything been changed recently? such us upgrades,deletion. The environment description should be as precise as possible, with standard ways to document product names and versions.
  •     Common in all Master Control panel version.
  •     Recent changes would be migrated the Master database without replacing the Encryption key
  •     You may installed the Slave installer by mistake on your slave server.

Resolution – the steps required to resolve problem

You should have to enter the correct ID and password on the slave. If you have reinstalled the server without the backup of the /usr/local/solusvm/data/solusvm.conf file then you need to follow the steps.

Step 1: Please go here and get the OLD ID and replace it in the server’s


List Nodes—>Edit Node Password—->Get the ID.

Step 2: Please fetch the New password from the server’s /us/local/solusvm/data/solusvm.conf and update it in SolusVM.

List Nodes—>Edit Node Password—->Replace the new Password.

You should enter the correct ID and password.

You may need to follow the same steps if you Migrated the database without replacing the Encryption Key in the New Master.

Additional Info:

If you’re in a situation to re-run the slave installer or reinstall the slave server. please make a backup of the below file first.


Obviously, you would have to replace this once reinstalled the slave or OS.

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Error in Manage Node page ERROR:4
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