How to Configure KVM bridged networking on Ubuntu 14.10

How to Configure KVM bridged networking on Ubuntu 14.10

In this tutorial I will show you , how to configure KVM bridged networking on Ubuntu 14.10 server.

Bridged networking is dedicated network card to a virtual machine which provides communication path to outside network, this must be setup before creating virtual machine using Virtual Manager.

This guide will help you to configure bridged networking on Ubuntu 14.10, you can either use command line or graphical mode.

Command line:

Edit interface file to create bridge “br1”, this should be executed on KVM host. My machine has two network cards eth0 and eth1, so i have created a bridge using both network  card.

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
##Bridge  Name ###
auto br1
### Bridge Information
iface br1 inet static
bridge_ports eth1 eth0
bridge_stp on
bridge_fd 0.0
### Bride IP ###

Bring up the bidge.

sudo ifup br1

Graphical Mode:

Make sure you have graphical mode installed, click on dash and search for Virtual Machine Manager



Edit –> Connection details –> Click on Plus sign.

Choose bridge as an interface type and then click on forward.

Set a Name, start mode as a on boot and choose to activate now.

You can configure ip address by clicking on Configure right to IP settings. Once IP is configured, click on OK.

Clik on finish, Virtual Machine Manager will create a bridge called “br1”.

Verify ip address by using following command.

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How to Configure KVM bridged networking on Ubuntu 14.10
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