Puppet Tutorial: Introduction to Puppet Configuration Management Tool

Puppet Tutorial: Introduction to Puppet Configuration Management Tool

Puppet Tutorial: Introduction to Puppet Configuration Management Tool:

Puppet is made by Luke Kanies. It’s based on ruby language. Currently Puppet is upheld by Puppet Labs and Luke Kanies is the CEO of Puppet Labs. Puppet is a tool manage to deal with the configuration of Unix and Windows frameworks. Puppet is an open source IT automation/robotization tool that enables IT associations to encode the configuration of services as a policy. Puppet enables framework administrators to robotize/automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of a server infrastructure.

Basically A system administrator’s job consists of configuring, deploying and keeping up server machines. When system administrator do small-small changes more frequently, you get error in the development process. When you implement automation at each phase of development, you don’t pass failed code to the next stage. And it’s very easy to revert the the changes when you need to.

What is Puppet?

Puppet is a configuration management tool that is use in deploying, configuring, managing, maintaining, a server machine. Puppet keeps the configuration of your hosts under check, and can be used in one shot to configure a machine like installing package, editing and configuring,create and mange users required etc. The main added advantage is that you can manage the configuration of almost all open-source tools available out there, using puppet.

Platforms can be managed using Puppet

Some of the platforms which is supported by puppet are mentioned below:


  • HP UX
  • BSD
  • MACOS X server
  • Gentoo
  • Debian
  • Red Hat/Centos, Fedora
  • Mandriva
  • Microsoft Windows


Advantages of Puppet


  • Puppet keeps on verifying the configuration at a specified interval(which you can modify as per requirement).
  • Puppet defines the configurations for a host with the help of a language which is very easy to learn and is only used for that purpose.
  • Mostly Puppet is used by all the industry like Google,red hat etc.
  • Larger open-source developer base
  • Its works very smooth, even when deployed in a large infrastructure(thousands of hosts to manage)


Reference: https://docs.puppet.com/puppet/3.8/index.html

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